Эффект бабочки в клиентской поддержке: теория или практика?

Written by on August 12, 2016

During the speeches, I often touch the butterfly effect – concepts related to chaos theory lies in the fact that, under favorable conditions, a small butterfly in Mexico can affect weather on the other side of the world. you ask – “Quite entertaining, but what is customer service?”. Well, get ready to be surprised!

Small steps. Big impact.

Of the many surveys we know that customers are turning their backs to the services or products of even a single case of indifference, neglect or contempt on the part of the company’s employees. At first glance, a small phrase or action of one employee can cause you to lose the customer forever. A loss of brand loyalty one customer is fraught with the loss of loyalty and other customer: negative review will certainly do the trick.

Leadership Tip

Sometimes management underestimates small mistakes and the effect produced by their own actions on subordinates: no kind words of welcome at the meeting, etc. These unconscious actions may give rise to a culture of indifference and to customers that goes by without unfortunate consequences for the company.

Be aware of the great influence, which is subjected to every day people around you: family members, friends, colleagues. Consider who has an impact on you. Have you talked to this man about his close ties and influence your success? Do you thank him?

Changing of the climate

The Butterfly Effect is not a disaster. Rather than wait for a hurricane, you can apply this theory for the benefit of:

  • You should understand that if you are a leader, others will look at you and learn from your model of behavior.
  • Your bad mood can have a devastating effect when the problem becomes another person. Spend a line between their personal and work experiences.
  • Nice things that you do can cause “positive vibrations” in the working day of your colleagues, for example. The familiar method of “pay another” shows that even a small, but conscious and good actions often lead to other good deeds. Better to many small acts of care and attention than one large.
  • Encourage the desire of your clients and colleagues delits.ya with you their feelings and experiences: the result will be a new “vibration”. “Positive Vibrations” feed business, especially in the areas of sales and recruitment. A good experience is transmitted and accumulated in the culture of any organization. Attention to customers by each employee, for example, companies Nordstrom and The Ritz-Carlton is presented as a means of development for the business.

The mathematical approach

Consumers will learn about high or low quality of certain goods and services from the mouths of other consumers, but not from the commercials. Opinion unmatched plays an important role among employees and customers, both in families. Great results can be achieved by resorting to a large number of small operations. So why not think twice before you commit to any action. Each one of us – a powerful force. Replace intolerance empathy, kindness destroy indifference. All changes will become noticeable and will certainly lead to huge results.

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