Как сохранить мотивацию и заинтересованность у менеджеров службы поддержки клиентов

Written by on May 17, 2016

“Working in the customer support is not easy: it is a race with obstacles, occurring every day; and whoever says the opposite, never done it “- Alex Flint, the manager of 500px.

You not only have to deal with disturbances and complaints of customers all day (and sometimes fight with impudence), but also, sometimes, find yourself in the unenviable position of a man who puts out the fire with water from a thimble. Such incidents delaying the scheduled time to answer other questions, and it is not surprising that the support staff literally burned on the job can not cope with the huge number of requests pending.

How companies manage to fight c similar situations? How do they manage to maintain the motivation of employees and contribute to getting pleasure from their work? What methods are used and how effective are they?

Here are a few recommendations that we are happy to share:

Take command in the nature of cheerful people

According to the experience of many companies, this method – their trump card, and the gist of it is that if you take the initiative to support team and dedicated staff, you do not have to worry about creating and maintaining motivation and interest. Indeed, the recruitment of employees is of great importance in maintaining the morale of the fortress, but this does not mean that the leaders of   anything else to do to improve the motivation and dedication of its employees. In any case it is necessary to apply the motivational strategy, even if each of the employees – the second Kenneth Parcell   (character series “Studio 30”, ed..), Because such people are in need of encouragement and enthusiasm, so as not to slow down.

Develop a fog of misunderstanding

Set aside a few hours in your schedule every few weeks to conduct a personal interview with each employee. Find out on what currently is working, that it disturbs and confuses. Take this opportunity to avoid misunderstandings and to clarify the case, to assess the level of discouragement and then help to overcome the trouble. In addition, short conversations help the manager to get to know his subordinate, and subordinate, in turn, understands what is expected of him.

Divide the victory with the entire team

Even small praise plays a big role in raising the morale, especially in front of colleagues. No matter how often this happens, simply highlight the time to celebrate the successes and achievements. You can also work on the selection and distribution of prizes and gifts or invite colleagues to dinner, because such moments particularly memorable.

Geymifitsiruyte helpdesk – revive support work

By introducing gamification element to support , you can turn every incoming request to a chance for the agent to compete with colleagues, to get more points to improve their position in the standings and win the coveted prize or distinction. You will even be an opportunity to encourage employees to certain actions. For example, Daniel Nathan, an experienced manager from PowToon, rewards its employees whenever a new client appears .But the coin there is a downside: some particularly enterprising agents can get into the leaderboard, having selected simple queries. The only thing you can do – trust your staff and hope that you have a job of decent people.

Encourage your team and give her the opportunity to work on projects not related to customer support

At first glance it may seem that this is totally unnecessary, but believe that as a result of this method will work. Motivate your team to dilute the work in supporting the participation in third-party projects: it can be anything, ranging from training to develop opportunities for better product management and user interaction. Thus, they will always be no less important matter, on which you can escape, and which broaden the horizons. “If you want to hold in their

brilliant team of staff, you will need to identify their development path, to put it difficult, but interesting task and duly pay for their labor. The prospect of growth gives us confidence that there is every chance to stay in the company for a long time and grow with it “- Christa Collins .

Encourage the team to maintain an optimal balance between work and personal life

It would be great if the support staff were at work 24 hours 7 days a week, but this is wrong. In the future, the lack of free time have a negative impact on their personal lives and work, as well as the health shake. Encourage your employees to adhere to the balance between work and personal life, rest and gather strength to rise to the occasion. Install the mandatory minimum number of days of holiday, so people do not feel uncomfortable when taking the weekend. Such a rule will make even the most inveterate workaholic go on vacation to relax (in secret).

Balm for the soul

Everyone there are days when you do not even want to wake up. The days when the last thing I would like to do – pick up the phone the phone, turn on your laptop and join in communion with not very friendly people who, unfortunately, need to make your day the same ugly, as they have. The days when you want to take time off from work, citing poor health, to stay at home alone with a book or just succumb to the forces of Morpheus. Unfortunately, the work in the service of the customer will not allow take a day off just because you do not want to get out of bed.

Shines if outside the sun, the rain comes, your customers still have questions, suggestions, problems, and if you do not want to discover the mountains of unprocessed applications, then you have no choice but to come to work through the “do not want” and take for the cause. Nobody said that the headphones should not play your favorite music .

“In order to be fully prepared, I need a big cup of coffee and a selection of music from the coolest movies. Try something like this, and then feel like a master of the world. Well, or the king of customer service “- Luo Marino Boomerang.

Here’s what you can listen to:

A selection of music from legendary movies

Southern Gothic

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