Как общаться с недовольными клиентами

Written by on August 23, 2016

It can be said that communication with dissatisfied customers, both the easiest and the most difficult task. Despite the fact that at times it can be quite easy for most professionals, Division of Life – a series of responses to emerging issues again and again. All this takes a long time to get bored even the most enthusiastic members of the profession.

In addition, communication with the perturbed customers on the phone and by e-mail is necessary to conduct such a way that all parties were in a good mood. From your actions depends on whether the client is satisfied with the solution, or never more will turn to you for help.

Here are some tips to exit the tensions so that all parties were satisfied.

# 1: Do not take it personally. Take a deep breath and stay calm.

The classic advice is not to take everything personally.

Remember, a thousand and one little thing, most of which has to do with you, have led to such an explosion of emotions. You just had the worst day of fate do that so not too wondered. When perturbed customer angrily yells at you tube, take a deep breath and relax. Do not take it personally, just let him finish, do not interrupt, and then try to smooth out the edges. The client just wants to be heard; he did not plan to spoil the mood of the morning, or you yourself.

He just needs to understand his problem, pay attention to it. It is important to understand that some people do not care.

So breathe deeply and become those who listen to it. Let him talk. This will give you time to find a good solution to the problem.

# 2 Do not just listen, hear.


Take notes. Write down everything that the client says (excluding profanity). If he repeats the same thing over and over again, make sure you have recorded it.

Ask required, standard questions, but be careful with the language. You do not need to feel guilty client

# 3 Be responsiveness and empathy every day

When the sequence of events is set, add all that was said. Here you can help your notes. It will illustrate that you understand the essence of a speaker’s point of view the problem, and not just pretending that listened.

Try, however, not to create the impression that you are parodying the client by repeating everything that has been said, word for word. Summarize, do not repeat.

Once you have summarized all the above, take a moment to apologize. Try to reduce stress using a minimum of sample phrases.

Such proposals, as “We are sorry that you have a problem” only worsen the situation. So throw a formal “we”, but instead use the more personal “I”.

That you know, you wish you fix and solve the problem. In other words, take responsibility. Also, avoid phrases such as “something else to add?” Or “that’s it?”. We would advise the softer wording, such as “Maybe I missed something?”

# 4 Time to decide

If you have a solution

Fortunately, it was possible to find a quick solution to the problem. Catastrophe was avoided. Tell me what you’re working on it and you will be able to resolve the issue. Be careful with the speed of light. If it becomes clear that the decision is delayed for several hours or more, report it.

In most cases, prompt resolution of the matter is desirable. In this situation – it is necessary.

If you can not find a solution quickly.

The nightmare of any specialist support – outraged customer and the lack of a quick solution to the problem.

How are you going to explain this to the client?

We recommend first of all apologize for the inconvenience. Suggest a temporary solution. If the customer is still not satisfied, offer discount, make a better offer.

Promise to contact them immediately, as soon as a solution is found, and keep your promise.

# 5 Be Connected

Regardless of the manner in which the customer contacted you, do not lose contact with him. And a few days after your communication write to him via e-mail. Do not give him a reason to cheat yourself after your conversation.

We would advise the following text message:

Hello, John.

I hope you are all well.

If the error occurs again X, let me know. I will be glad to contact you and help solve the problem.

Have a nice day!


Analyze the reasons

Next time, faced with dissatisfied customers think about the reason. Perhaps the sales department specialists provide inaccurate information or is it the product itself? Determine what the problem is and fix everything, yet it did not encounter other clients.

As Bill Gates said: “Communicating with dissatisfied customers – the best experience”

So do everything possible to correct the deficiencies, as long as you have not lost a regular customer.

Asha all

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